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Frequently Asked Questions for Events

The event I am looking for isn't here.  Why not?  The two main reasons are (1) the sanctioning application has not been received or (2) the event is not a sanctioned event.

Why aren't events before the 1998-99 season available? We do not have their records in a format compatible with our current system.

What is all this 'Division, Type, Class and Category stuff?  To compare performances across multiple races, it is necessary to have a classification system or 'taxonomy' of the competitions.  Divisions divide the competitors into Adults and Juniors.  Types divides the equipment into Sled, Gigs and Skis (skijoring). Class divides teams into Unlimited down to 1 dog size.  Category splits the distance traveled into Speed, Mid-distance or Distance competitions, each with their own mileage criteria.

This classification system is the back-bone of the ISDRA Sanctioning and Championship Points programs, the Medals & Certificates Programs and all the standings and race results.

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