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Time View (default): passing your mouse over any cell will display the difference between the active elapsed time and the top time on the black mini-banner at the top of the results.  The mini-banner will also display the difference between the active time and the average time.

Note: Additionally, for Internet Explorer users, the elapsed time as a percentage of the daily top time will display as a 'title' as you move the mouse over valid time cells.

Speed View: passing your mouse over any cell will show the difference between the speed for the active cell and the top speed and average speed for the class on the black mini-banner.  Clicking on the 'time' or 'speed' links will toggle between the two modes.

Team to Team Comparison:  Click on any valid time cell to set the Team Comparison mode.  Click on a second valid time cell for the same day to display the two team's elapsed times, calculated speeds and differences on the mini-banner.

Moving the mouse out of the second cell into a new elapsed time cell will return you to the previous view (Time or Speed).  Click on another time cell to start another Team to Team comparison.

Summary Statistics:  You may view a summary of the Time and Speed statistics for the Class by clicking on the 'Class stats' link.

Speed Comparison Chart:  You may visually compare any team's overall speed to the class by clicking on the finish position.  A new window will display a horizontal bar chart of all teams calculated speeds in blue.  The selected team will appear in red.

Note:  You may have both the Summary Statistics and the Speed Chart open at the
same time.  You may need to bring them to the top of your desktop by clicking on the menu items at the bottom of your screen.

Cross Race Comparison:  You may compare any team's elapsed time and speed to the same data for any other team competing in any race of the same class (DTCC) of any year by clicking on the first name of a finisher.  A new window will display a chart from which you select the season and event for comparison.  The chart also shows the mileages for the respective races and the differences in mileage, elapsed time and speed for the respective teams.

General Note: ISDRA enhanced race results are designed for Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or better.  Other browsers may experience difficulties.  You must have client-side JavaScript to use the enhanced features.

Musher Profile:  Clicking on the ISDRA number links to the Musher's Profile.

International Standings:  Clicking on the member's last name links to the International Standings for this season and class with the selected driver highlighted.

State/Province Standings:  Clicking on the State or Province links to the State/Province Standings for this season and class, if any exist.  The member is highlighted in the standings report.

National Standings:  Clicking on the Country links to the National Standings for this season and class, if any exist.  The member is highlighted in the standings report.

For best viewing results:  Set your screen resolution at 800 x 600 pixels, use Internet Explorer 4.0 or better and set View>Text Size to Medium.

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