Cross Race Comparisons

Season:  Clicking on a season will provide a list of all events during that season which match the class (Division, Type, Class and Category) of the race results for Team A.  

Events: The event list is presented alphabetically and defaults to the first event in the current season.  Clicking on any event listed to see the results for that race.

Team B:  The results list is in the order of finish.  The cross race comparison chart defaults to the 1st place team for the current race.  You may select any team from the list of finishers and view the comparison results

The Chart

The comparison chart displays the event name, season, driver name and finish position for both teams.  Clicking on various drivers updates the chart with new comparison information.

Miles:  Displays the mileage for each race day and the difference .

Time:  Displays the elapsed time for each race day and the differences.

Speed:  Displays the calculated speeds for each team and the difference.

The comparison chart displays 'na' when mileages are equal for Team A and Team B, '00:00:00.00" for equal times, and '0' for equal speeds.  Blanks indicate that there is no available data for comparison.

Reminder: many variables affect the team's performance and factors such as trail conditions and temperature are not factored into the information presented here.

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