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Racing 'Down Under'

GIG racing returned to Medal status for the 1999-2000 racing season for the 6_Dog, 4_Dog and 3_Dog Adult Speed classes.  The Pacific North West still dominates the scene with 8 events and 31 races.

1999-2000 Medallists

  Adult 6_Dog Speed class
    Gold - Dan Morris, Washington
    Silver - Steven Weier, Washington
    Bronze - Tom Palmer, Washington

  Adult 4_Dog Speed class
    Gold - Lance Christenson, Washington
    Silver - Becky Loveless, Washington
    Bronze - Mimi Kurz, British Columbia

  Adult 3_Dog Speed class
    Gold - Joe Loveless, Washington
    Silver - Susan Meinzinger, Washington
    Bronze - Dianna Minor, Washington

GIG Racing Chair:
    Lee Eberle
        Auburn, WA, USA

GIG Events of the Year:
    6_Dog Speed class
      Canadian Rendezvous,

    4_Dog Speed class
      Kenai Sprint Classic,

    3_Dog Speed class
      Kenai Sprint Classic,