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Description of proposed sponsorship
We are soliciting an annual association sponsorship independent of ISDRA sanctioned event sponsors.  During the 03-04 racing season, we served 64 sled dog events located throughout the United States (51 events), Canada (11 events) and Japan (2 events).

(Please see the ISDRA Demographics Sheet and ISDRA Fact Sheet for more information)  

Number of sponsorships available

Sponsor benefits
Sponsor will receive prominent mention as an ISDRA Sponsor on www.isdra.org (approximately 200,000 visitors per year)  as well as logo ID on all collateral materials of the Association, i.e. Dog & Driver newsletter, ISDRA Sanctioning Program booklet, all ISDRA Personal Press Releases for racing members (roughly 900 per season go to local newspapers), the ISDRA Speed Rules booklet (over 3,000 distributed each year), ISDRA Driver Report Forms (0ver 3,000 per year) and  on ISDRA Championship Certificates (over 600 per year).

Please contact Dave Steele (218.765.4297 or dsteele@brainerd.net) for samples of any of these materials

Total cost $2,500 per year.  50% acceptable product substitution may be considered. 

Sponsor will be responsible for supplying camera ready artwork to meet annual needs of sponsorship

Additional business/marketing opportunities not included above
Sponsor presence at annual ISDRA meeting and Awards Banquet, vendor booth, promotional materials distribution opportunity.

Sponsor promotional materials may be included in ISDRA Sanctioning packages sent to 60 to 70 sanctioned events each season.

Hotlinks from www.isdra.org to Sponsor website.

Term of sponsorship
Renewable annually.

Projected attendance and reach of sponsorship
Please see the ISDRA Demographics Sheet and www.isdra.org/Events.

The Media Resources area of www.isdra.org may also be of value in answering questions.

Demographics of target audience
Please see the ISDRA Demographics Sheet.

Please contact Dave Steele, Executive Director at 218.765.4297 or dsteele@brainerd.net for more information.


ISDRA also provides networking with ISDRA mushers seeking individual sponsors. Contact us for more information - 218.765.4297.