of Special Interest Memos 


Northeast Championships Points correction
There has been a correction to the points for the 6 dog, 4 dog and skijoring classes for the DESDC Northeast Championships. In all cases the corrected points are higher than the original points. The difference is very slight except for 2 dog skijor which increased by 17.84 points.

My apologies for the error.

Indian River Sprint Sled Dog Race Postponed
The Indian River Sprint Sled Dog Race has been postponed to 2/5-6/2011. Check their Facebook page for more info.

WTBSDC -Langlade Trailblazer Challenge POSTPONED
Unfortunately, because trail conditions are inadequate we are postponing the Langlade County Culvers Trailblazer Challenge to February 19/20, 2011.

Race Cancellations and Postponements
Markstay Warren Challenge the Champ is canceled for 1/8-9/2011.
Lake Louise - Thumb Lake (GLSDA) is postponed to 2/12-13/2011.
Pine River Run (WTBSDC) is postponed to 2/12-13/2011.

Corrections to ISDRA Adult Points Standings
Corrections to the ISDRA points for adult classes have been made to the following events; Markstay-Warren, ONT; Bridgeton, ME; Tamworth, NH; Walker, MN and the Willow, AK Championship. In all cases the underlying table of driver’s points was out of date in the Excel workbooks.

The corrections, in all cases, caused the points to increase. This has had the following effect on the top rankings;

Unlimited Class – no change.
10 Dog Class – no change.
8 Dog Class – 4th and 5th place have swapped.
6 Dog Class – 1st and 3rd place have swapped.
4 Dog Class – 1st and 2nd place have swapped, 4th and 5th place have swapped.
3 Dog Skijoring -5th and 6th place have swapped and 7th and 8th place have swapped.
2 Dog Skijoring – 3rd and 4th place have swapped.
1 Dog Skijoring – 3rd and 4th place have swapped.

To insure accuracy, all workbooks from the current season have been reviewed to check for the proper points table. The Junior points standings are not affected by these changes.

Our apologies for the error.

Haliburton and Newport Skijoring corrections
Corrections to the results for 2 and 1 dog skijoring results at Haliburton and Newport have been made and the associated points standings updated.

Thank you to all who contributed to providing information.

Kenduskeag, ME and Grandby, CO cancelled
Kenduskeag, ME (DESDC) and Grandby, CO (RMSDC) have been cancelled for the weekend of 2/28 - 3/1 due to adverse trail conditions.

Lake Davis race cancelled
Lake Davis has been cancelled due to deteriorating trail conditions - SNDD.

Hoping for better luck next year!

Kenduskeag, Maine Race Rescheduled
The Kenduskeag Sled Dog Race has been rescheduled to February 28th - March 1st, 2009.

Medford Mush is ON!! --- WTBSDC
The Medford Mush is on for 2/21 -22/09. Check the Wisconsin Trailblazers website - http://www.witrailblazers.org/ for more info or call Doris.

ISDRA Points Correction
Three events from the weekend of February 7th and 8th did not have the correct point lists installed in their workbooks; Exxon Mobil, Three Bear Winter Race and Hill Village NH.

The points have been corrected and posted.

The corrections affect only the Adult classes, Junior points are unchanged.

Our apologies for the error - Dave

Medford Mush Race is postponed - Wisconsin
Check the Trailblazers site for details - http://www.witrailblazers.org/

Lone Cone Conquest cancelled
The Lone Cone Conquest # 8 has been canceled for lack of snow and warm weather. Jim Hoffman

Willow Championships postponed
The Willow Championships have been postponed to January 31st and February 1st, 2009. Helen

The Taylor races scheduled for January 10 & 11 are officially POSTPONED due to lack of snow/poor trail conditions. A new date will be explored and promoted as soon as it is decided upon. Thank you for your continued support. Keir Gervais Race Coordinator

Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ postponed
The Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ has been postponed to January 10th and 11th. Lou Serre

Terry Valitchka needs help
Mushers stick together and take care of their own. Well, one of our own is in need of our help. As many of you now know long-time musher, Terry Valitchka, has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer. Terry and his family and been active in the Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club for years. Terry sold his dogs last year, but continued to act as Race Marshall for our races. Now it is time to help pay him back for all his work on behalf of our club and our sport.

I know that the current economic conditions have left many of us working harder to make ends meet, but the medicines alone are costing Terry over $1500 a month and no insurance to cover this cost. This does not include recent hospital stays and other treatments. A few of us have put our heads together and have concluded that the quickest way to get help to Terry is in the form of cash donations. While we have tossed around the idea of raffles, etc. that all takes time and time is of importance right now.

I am asking all of you to please help contribute to this cause. Checks can be made payable to the Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club or if you prefer directly to Terry Valitchka and sent to me to be forwarded within the next couple of weeks.

Jan Bootz-Dittmar
T16576 Hwy. WW
Wausau, WI 54403

A little from all of us can help ease the burden. Please donate to this cause. Thanks to all of you in advance. Please feel free to forward this information on to as many mushers and people who might be able to help as you see fit.

MTV is looking for young (16 - 28) Alaskans with a story to tell for their True Life program.

Contact Geismer, Sarah [Sarah.Geismer@mtvnmix.com] or (212) 654-3966 for details.

More information is available in our Press Release area under I am from Alaska.

Correction to Unlimited Class Standings
The Unlimited Class standings were corrected to include Ross Saunderson of Charlie Lake, BC. The RGO which received his dues at the beginning of the race season misplaced the payment and reported to ISDRA that no one at their race had renewed. The RGO recently verified that they in fact did receive dues from Ross prior to their event but overlooked them when reporting. The ISDRA board reviewed the situation and unamiously concurred that Ross should be included in the 2008 standings.

Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ cancelled
The race has been cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Lou Serre

Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ postponed
Hi everyone, Due to lack of snow our race will be postponed to March 8-9, 2008. Lou Serre

Hill Village New Hampshire Sled Dog Race Cancelled
From Anita Wischinski -- Hill Village New Hampshire Sled Dog Race is officially cancelled. See www.nesdc.org for more information.

NESDC Hill Village Race date undecided
The Hill village race has been postponed and the new date is still open. Please check nesdc.org for updates.

Haliburton 8 Dog Class Points adjusted
The mileage initially reported for the 8 Dog Class at Haliburton has been adjusted to 6.5 miles, the same as the 6 Dog Class. Thanks to Lou Serre for providing the correct mileage.

Mike Wolf of Gaylord, MI has passed away.
Mike Wolf, husband of Shirley Wolf, multi-ISDRA Medalist passed away unexpectedly at his home on September 19th.

Visitation and funeral will be in Gaylord, MI. Visit www.nelsonsfuneralhome.com for more information.

Our deepest sympathies to Shirley and cousin Tony at this time.

Frank Hall passes away September 14th, 2007
Frank Hall passed away on Friday, September 14th at 10am.

Information regarding funeral arrangements and donations can be found in the press release area of isdra.org

We offer our sincere condolences to Nettie Hall at this time.

TimberTown Sprints Rescheduled
The TimberTown Sprints in Lewiston, MI have been rescheduled to February 9 - 11th, 2007.

New registration deadline is Feb. 2.

Contact Bert Abbott at (989) 786 7144 or caninebydesign@aol.com for more information.

Classique Rona-Dagenais Update
Total Purse for 2007 will be $25,000.00

The race comittee will held a meeting within 2 weeks for completing purse allocation per class and places.

Gérard Van Gysel

ISDRA At Large Directors Election Results
All four incumbents were returned to the board and Claude Aumont is our newest board member, congratulations Claude!

The tally was as follows;
Downey – 133
Roeder – 103
Wischinski – 101
Broughton – 100
Aumont – 83
Burke-Trent – 78
Hartum – 67

As I mentioned elsewhere, we had a very fine slate of candidates and all would have been welcome additions to the board. Thank you for your support and willingness to serve.
Thank you,
Dave Steele

Helen Lundberg - New Editor of Dog & Driver
We are pleased to announce that Helen Lundberg of Willow, Alaska is the new editor of Dog & Driver.

Helen is well known in the sled dog community and has a great deal of experience in producing sled dog magazines.

You may contact Helen at ehellis@mtaonline.net

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Attention Future (and current) Canicross runners
Anyone interested in an early morning run at the ISDRA meeting is welcome to join the Early Morning Running Club. Meet Amy in the front lobby at 6:30am for a brisk run to start the day.
See you!

Amy Cooper

Maid of the Mist Cruise at Niagara
Going to the annual meeting? Would you be interested in going on the Maid of the Mist cruise? The cost is $11.50 per adult and $6.75 for kids, kids under 5 are free. The tour is 30 min long and gets you right up to the base of the falls. I was thinking about late Friday afternoon before the Fantasy Cruise. If interested please email me at pulka4u@yahoo.com. See you at the meeting.

Sara Vanderwood

ISDVMA 8th Biennial Meeting - Grand Junction, CO
International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association 8th Biennial Meeting and Symposium. Sept. 22-24, 2006, Grand Junction, CO. Lectures and workshops in canine sports medicine and surgery for the sled dog athlete. 24 CE credit hours. Contact Dr. Turner Lewis, ISDVMA, PO Box 2106, Wakefield, MA 01880; phone 781-246-2271;www.isdvma.org.; isdvma@isdvma.org

Univeristy of Guelph Sled Dog Survey

The University of Guelph is conducting a survey of sled dog kennels and we are assisting them with contacting verified sled dog community members vis-a-vis an ISDRA membership.

If you wish to participate in the survey you may do so on-line or may request a paper copy. See http://www.uoguelph.ca/sleddogstudy for more info.

Dave Steele

Two Hearted River Race Cancelled
Due to rain and deteriorating trail conditions the Two Hearted River Sled Dog Race in Newberry, Michigan is cancelled for this weekend.

Margaret Harvey

Out of Office

To Everyone,

I will be in Korea attending the 2nd Annual Korean Sled Dog Championships on Feb. 25 & 26th.

I will try and check email, but I will not be able to update the web site until I return.

Should be back in the ISDRA Office by March 2nd.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Dave Steele

DESDC Farmington race postponed

The Farmington race for this coming weekend has been rescheduled for Feb. 25-26.

Paul Therriault

Race Updates

DESDC race in Newport, ME is cancelled due to lack of snow.

Paul Therriault

The WTBSDC race Pine River Run in Merrill, WI has been postponed to 2/18-19/06.

Doris Lovrine

Winnipeg Race Cancelled
The harbor master for the Red River has pulled the permit for the race. We have lots and lots of snow, but extremely warm temperatures have not enabled the river to freeze.

Jason Ludke


Unfortunately, rain on Wednesday has forced the cancellation of the race.

Getchen Karlson
Race Manager

Alberta International Classic Cancelled
Due to organizational problems, the 2006 A.I.S.D.C event has been cancelled. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused and we hope to back in 2007.

Thank you for your past support.

Tania Hanna-Crane

Vernerama Yvan Gingras Race Cancelled

Do to unforeseen circumstances; be advised that the Verner Sled Dog Race is now officially cancelled.

Claude & Angie Aumont
Kirkland Lake, ON

PSDC - Tug Hill Challenge

The, PA Sled Dog Club is forced to postpone the Tug Hill Challenge. The trails are extremely icy and the forecast shows very little chance of improvement this week.

We have contacted the NY State parks department and are searching for a reschedule date.

Nancy Molburg

Shawano, WI changes

Due to weather there will be a non-sanctioned 4 dog class, sanctioned 3 dog skijoring, junior 3 dog & 2 dog classes all on a 1.5 miles trail.

The date remains the same.

Other previously scheduled classes have been cancelled.

Michigan Race Dates Changes

GLSDA has moved the Kinross Classic to February 25-26, 2006 and the Kinross Two has moved to January 28-29, 2006.

The Two Hearted River event remains as scheduled but check back for purse updates.

Canmore and Winnipeg are on for 2006!!

2/4-5/06 Winnipeg $15,000.00 – Unlimited, 8, 4 and 1-3 dog skijoring – contact Jason Ludke - Email: jason@stbonifacegolfclub.com

2/18-19/06 Canmore $30,000.00 – 10 dog, 8, 6, 4, 2-dog skijoring – contact Tania Crane-Hanna - Email: Tania.CraneHanna@CalgaryHealthRegion.ca
We do not have class purse breakdowns yet, check back later. Thank You.

Race Cancellations

Please note: all messages below this message are from the previous season!

Have a great season in 2006 and thank you for your support.


Meredith, NH cancelled
The New England Sprint Championships at Meredith, New Hampshire are cancelled due to weather. - Hank Plaisted

GLSDA - Kalkaska Event cancelled
Due to weather conditions, the GLSDA Kalkaska race has been cancelled for Feb. 19th & 20th - Beth Scott, GLSDA

Mackinaw Mush Postponed
THE MACKINAW MUSH RACE WILL TAKE PLACE ON MARCH 5th & 6th. Do to poor weather conditions we have had to postpone the race. The purse break down and registration form have been updated. Thank you The Mackinaw Mush Committee

Alexandria Bay Race
The ISDRA sanctioned Alexandria Bay event has been cancelled however they will be holding a non-sanctioned event on a shortened trail for all classes. A 1.2 loop trail in downtown Alexandria Bay with no head on passing. Purse is still $8,000.00 - KEN GRISWOLD - SLED DOG COMMITTEE CHAIR

Laconia will have a race!
NOTICE OF RACE IN LACONIA, NH Due to the current forecast of 12 inches + of snow expected starting late tonight: The Lakes Region Sled Dog Club has decided to run a scaled down event to be called The Lakes Region Championship. The race will only run Saturday and Sunday and there WILL NOT BE a Main Street start/finish line. The race will start in the field across from the Prison on Rt. 106/Parade Road. The Open trail will be approx. 12-13 miles long and will follow the traditional woods trail. The 6-Dog race will be approx. 6 miles long. The 3-dog junior race will definitely be Sunday but we will try to do a 2 day event for that class also. **The purse for this 2 day event will be between $5,000.00 and $7,000.00 The trail will be groomed Thursday and Friday and again before the race. There will be more details available after this evenings club meeting. Jim Lyman, President

Mackinaw Mush rescheduled
The Mackinaw Mush is rescheduled to March 5 & 6th, 2005 - Chuck Cullip

76th Laconia World Championship Cancelled

Lone Cone Conquest Update
The Lone Cone Conquest #1 has been moved to Kremmling, CO. for the original date of 2/12-13/05. A Lone Cone Conquest #2 will be held March 5th and 6th in Norwood, CO. - Jim Hoffman

Event Results and Points Standings
We are revising Event Results and Standings as we receive updates and corrections. It seems everybody is running into problems this season, not only with the weather but with technical and communication glitches as well. We appreciate your patience and understanding - we can only post what we receive, but it is not a problem to make corrections until all is corrected. However, newspapers tell me that anything older than 3 days is considered old news and may not be published. Consequently, the personal press releases sent out from the ISDRA office may not result in mention in your local newspaper. This is beyond our control. Thank you and may you have a great season regardless of the weather! Dave Steele

SnowFlake Winter Carnival Skijoring Postponed
THE 2005 WINTER CARNIVAL SKIJOR EVENT is POSTPONED to Feb 19/20 with an additional back up date of March 12/13th. Jim Benson, Midwest Skijorers Club

Mackinaw Mush Postponed
Mackinaw Mush is postponed to Feb 12th & 13th. The weather remains iffy, so stay in touch with the RGO or isdra.org for updates.

Event Update
Northern Ontario Sled Dog Club Update. The Northern Tel Mush for Gold in Kirkland Lake is officially cancelled for this year only. From Claude Aumont, NOSDC President

DESDC Event Update
The Newport Sprint Race is cancelled, however things still look good for the Fryeburg event. Paul Therriault, DESDC President

Kalkaska - Glsda Rescheduled
The Kalkaska - GLSDA event has been rescheduled to 2/19-20/2005. Purse and classes will remain the same.

PSDC Event Update
The Tug Hill Challenge is rescheduled to 2/26-27/05 and is replacing the Winona State Forest Sled Dog Derby. Not enough snow.

New England and New York Event Update
The Corinth, ME event is being moved to Jackman, ME. The Purse for the Tug Hill race in Lorraine, NY is $2700.00. See Event Details for breakdown. The Tamworth, NH event is cancelled and the Eden Mt., VT event has changed to 1/29-30/05. (The Events Directory has been corrected.)

Event Schedule Update
Eden Mtn, VT and Malone NY are rescheduled. Shawano, WI and Pierz, MN are cancelled. Check Events section for reschedule dates.

Kalkaska Winterfest Cancelled
Kalkaska Winterfest is cancelled due to poor trail conditions. There are no plans to reschedule.

SNDD -Shaver Lake
From Mike Callahan, SNDD President - We had to cancel our Shaver Lake Race. There was five feet of new snow. The power company was lined up to help with the grooming but all their equipment is being used to restore power to the locals after some lines were knocked down by the storm. We are trying to schedule an alternate date in February.

Event News
Eden Mt. Sled Dog Race is postponed until further notice. Island Pond Race will have a purse revision, check back here or www.nesdc.org for more information,

Kalkaska - GLSDA
Canelled for this weekend - see Bulletin Board.

November 5th deadline for Dec/Jan Dog & Driver
Please remember to get your ISDRA Sanctioned Event Ads in by November 5th to be included in the Dec/Jan issue of Dog & Driver.
Contact Donna at dlstarke@ties2.net

Thank you

Festival du Voyageur sled dog race cancelled
The Festival du Voyageur will not be holding sled dog races in Winnipeg, MB this winter. IAMS has declined the sponsorship for this winter acording to Natalie Bernardin, Program Director. The Festival is restructuring their vision and mission statements as well, but will keep sled dog races in mind for the future. The Festival will be held February 11-20th, 2005 and February 10-19th, 2006.

New Region 8 Director
Margaret Black of Pullman, WA is the new Region 8 ISDRA Director by a vote of 23 to 16. Congratulations to Margaret and many thanks to Kathy Miyoshi for her work for the past two years.

Falkland cancels plans for 2005 event
Regretfully, the F.I.S.D.R.A. has had to cancel plans for an event in 2005. Hopefully, we will host an event in 2006. James Bennett FISDRA

Speaker Change for Annual Meeting
Due to a family medical emergency, Jamie Nelson will not be able to speak at the seminar. Multi-medallist Neal Johnson will be speaking. We are extremely grateful to Neal for his willingness to present on short notice and feel Neal has a great deal to offer to aspiring racers. Neal holds 11 ISDRA Medals spanning 15 years and four classes, from the 4 dog to Unlimited class. Since 1999, Neal has won 2 Gold and 3 Silver Medals in the Unlimited Class, mostly based on his performances on the major Alaskan circuit.

State and Province Certificates
Our apologies to all State & Province certificate recipients - as you have noticed the dates were not updated correctly. We have printed up new certificates (all 247 of them) and they will be mailed in early June - office help is on vacation. The International and National certificates are correct.

ISDRA meeting rooms available
As of this week the Best Western Edgewater in Duluth set aside 28 rooms for the ISDRA meeting, and the Canal Park Inn, which is about 20 blocks away set aside 10 rooms. These rooms will only be held until May 25, so people still need to make reservations early. Mention ISDRA when making your reservations. If anyone failed to get a room earlier please call back again. The phone number for the Canal Park Inn is 1-800-777-8560 or 1-218-727-8821. The rates at the Canal Park are 2 adults $109.00. The Canal Park in is near the cruise, but the seminar and banquet will be at the Best Western. Best Western phone is 1-800-777-7925 or 1-218-728-3601. Thanks Donna Davis

Important Annual Meeting Notice - Please read
Hi all,

We just got word that the the Best Western people made a mistake and did NOT block off rooms for us. The result of which is that everyone will have to make their own reservations right now or at least in the next week.

If you know of anyone that might be going have them make reservations ASAP, they can always cancel later if plans change.

We are working on management to get a reduced rate but at least people should get their reservations in. Please help get the word out to all.

We are sorry for the problem but we have so much started that we do not want to change the site at this point.

Thanks for your cooperation,
Duane Dittmar
Region 7 Director

Meredith NH Event cancelled
The Meredith Sled Dog Race scheduled for 2/28-29/2004 is cancelled.

Mushers Bowl - Fryeburg is ON
The previously cancelled Mushers Bowl - Fryeburg is on for February 14-15, 2004.

Check www.mushersbowl.com for more information.

Yvan Gingras times
The 4 Dog times and points are corrected.

Meecham Lake Race results
We have pulled the 6 dog class results for the Meecham Lake race pending corrections.

Error in 4 Dog Times from Yvan Gingras
There is an error in the times for the 4 Dog Class at the Yvan Gingras race. It will be corrected shortly.

Mackinaw Mush Results reposted
The Mackinaw Mush results have been re-posted. Only the 8 Dog class results were incorrect. Thank you for your patience.

Elliot Lake, Ontario Race Cancelled
We have been advised by Kate Matuszewski that the Elliot Lake Bell IdidaRace has been cancelled.

Mackinaw Mush Results incorrect
We have been advised that the Mackinaw Mush 8 Dog class results are incorrect. We have taken all Mackinaw Mush results out of the system until we have sorted out the situation. Please check back later for new results and standings.

7th Colorado Blue IdidaRace moved
Due to snow conditions, the race has been moved to the Peak Ranch, 22 miles West of Kremmling on Highway 40. Follow the signs.

North Grenville, Ontario postponed
The North Grenville, Ontario race has been snowdated to the weekend of Feb.14-15 due to unsafe trail conditions...

Mackinaw Mush Sanctioning
Effective 1/26/2004 10:00 AM, all classes at the Mackinaw Mush will be ISDRA sanctioned and all drivers must run all three days to receive ISDRA points. Purebred and Sportsman GROUPS will be run within the 6 and 4 Dog Classes.

Also Junior 3 Dog and 2 Dog classes will be ISDRA sanctioned. The Junior 3 Dog and Junior 2 Dog will be two day races - Saurday & Sunday.

Incredible Dog Challenge
On Saturday, 12/27/03 at 8:00-9:00pm on PAX network the Purina Dog Chow Incredible Dog Challenge will air. Several ISDRA members attended this event last March in Vail, Colorado.

2004 ISDRA National Championships Cancelled
Funding difficulties have forced the cancellation of the 2004 ISDRA National Championships and the 2004 WinterTrax events for Colorado. Still on the Colorado schedule as of 12/7/03 are the sanctioned events in Norwood, Kremmling and Granby.

Please visit www.wintertrax.com for more information on the cancellations.

We regret the inconvenience.

New website for Colorado and the ISDRA Nationals
WinterTrax of Colorado has announced its schedule of events for the 2003-2004 season. Visit www.wintertrax.com for more information.

Check back here for breaking news on the National Championships!

Falkland International Sled Dog Races cancelled
The Falkland International Sled Dog Racing Association regrets to anounce that the 2004 races have been canceled.

The Falkland area has suffered from forest fires and a slow economy and the small community has invested substantial time and money into emergency needs for the coming year.

FISDRA is planning an event in 2005, so please stay tuned.

ADMA 2003 Sled Dog Symposium
Fairbanks—-The 2003 International Sled Dog Symposium kicks off this Friday, October 3, at the Pioneer Park Centennial Center for the Arts. The symposium opens with two free presentations and the Yukon Quest birthday party Friday night, and continues Saturday and Sunday with educational sessions all day. A trade fair with more than 30 vendors, and a fund-raising auction Saturday night, round out the offerings.

See the full release in the "news releases" section.

ADMA Announces Sponsorship
FAIRBANKS, Alaska - September 20, 2003 - The Alaska Dog Mushers Association (ADMA) today announced the signing of Annamaet Petfoods, Inc., to a 3-year title sponsorship for the ADMA annual sprint mushing Challenge Series races. Dog teams, mushers, and support crews, both locally and from around the state, nation, and the world, converge in Fairbanks every winter to compete against each other on one of the premier trails systems anywhere.

"Annamaet has been a long-time supporter of dog mushing and a sponsor of Alaska Dog Mushers Association events for years", said Dave Partee, ADMAs president. We are excited to have this long-term partnership so our races can continue to grow and attract top teams to Interior Alaska.

The title sponsorship agreement with Annamaet Petfoods runs through the 2005-2006 season. Other area businesses will continue to sponsor individual races in the series.

"Annamaet Petfoods is honored to be associated with ADMA and the sport of sled dog racing, both great Alaskan traditions", said Rob Downey, president of Annamaet Petfoods, from his Sellersville, Pennsylvania headquarters.

The series of five sprint races are run December through early February at the Jeff Studdert Racegrounds off of Farmers Loop Road in Fairbanks.

The Annamaet Challenge Series races include 4-dog, 6-dog, and 8-dog classes, the unlimited, or Open class, as well as skijoring with one, two, or three dogs. The first two races in theseries also include a class for mid-distance mushers.

Competitors in the various classes will be vying for the overall Annamaet Challenge Series points championship. At every series race, the winners in each class receive five points, the runners-up receive four points, third place three points, two points for fourth place, and all other finishers receive a single point. At the end of the season, the musher with the most points in each class is awarded the points champion trophy for their class.

For more information on the Annamaet Challenge Series, schedule updates, and spectator events, visit the ADMA website at sleddog.org.

The Alaska Dog Mushers Association, Inc., founded in 1948, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of the sport of sprint sled dog racing and the proper care, training and treatment of sled dogs. ADMA conducts the annual ACS Open North American Championship, the oldest continuously run dog sled race in the world. ADMA is known for its world-class trails and award-winning races.

Alaska Dog Mushers Association
ADMA race schedule
ADMA news
Annamaet Petfoods, Inc.


Mackinaw City, Michigan – August 13, 2003 Members from the MACKINAW MUSH in Mackinaw City, Michigan are coming together for the 15th Annual Mackinaw Mush Sled Dog Race on January 30 – February 1, 2004 to help raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan – a nonprofit organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

2004 marks the 15th year for the MUSH, one of the largest Sled Dog Races in the lower forty-eight States. Always a trend setter in the sport of Dog Sledding, next years race will be increased from 2 days to 3 days. This coupled with an increased purse of $15,000.00 should help draw the best of the best in the Sport. Held January 30 – February 1 in Mackinaw City, the event will feature Junior, 4, 6 & 8 Dog competition in the Sport, Purebred and Pro Classes. In addition to the weekend of races there will be a variety of activities and events including; Adopt a Musher, Mini-Musher for the kids, Mush Merchandise, Food & Drink booths, the Mushers Banquet featuring Hobo Jim the official balladeer of the State of Alaska and a live auction offering valuable Iditarod merchandise.

The Mackinaw Mush and Make a Wish Foundation are the perfect blend in an effort to encourage children & adults to enjoy the winter season, and a unique sport that builds the wonderful bond between human & canine friends. It is magical, therapeutic experience, said Cheryl Cheadle-Metiva, Race Director and Founder.

For more information on the event or to volunteer, please contact Mackinaw Mush, P.O. Box 493, Mackinaw City, Michigan 49701. 231-436-MUSH (6874) mackinawmush@yahoo.com www.mackinawmush.com

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan is a chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, the largest wish-granting charity in the world. Since 1984, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan has granted more than 3,400 wishes to children with life-threatening illness to enrich human experience with hope, strength, and joy. The Michigan chapter anticipates granting more than 80 percent of expenditures going toward program services. For more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan, visit our website at www.wishmich.org or call 1-888-857-WISH (9474).

2004 ISDRA National Championships
6/22/2003 - Cleveland, Ohio. At the annual meeting, ISDRA announced the granting of 3-year location rights for the ISDRA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS to WinterTrax of Colorado, headed by Brian Kolowich, Managing Director. The 2004 event will be held in Montrose, CO (pop. 25,000) on February 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2004.

A purse of $60,000.00 is projected and up to 130 entries are to be selected from the top ISDRA competitors in the Adult Unlimited, 8 Dog, 6 Dog, 4 Dog and Skijoring classes.

Entries will be qualified on a ISDRA Regional basis using the ISDRA Adult Championship Points system. Medalists from the 2002-2003 season will pre-qualify and ISDRA points from sanctioned events from the 2002-2003 and the 2003-2004 season (through late January) will form the basis for eligibility. Details will be available on www.isdra.org as they are finalized and a separate area of www.isdra.org will be on-line by October to allow tracking of eligibility and confirmed entries.

The half-hour program TUG HILL CHALLENGE: THE SPORT OF DOG SLEDDING will air on WCNY on Wednesday, August 20 at 9 p.m.

The Tug Hill Challenge was filmed by Quantum Leap Productions of Clayton, New York. Tel. 315.686.4757

WCNY will be promoting the series to our 25,000 members through our monthly program guide and with our evening "hosted breaks" the week prior to the broadcast. Feel free to promote the air date with any of your publications.

Dale Wagner
TV Program Manager
506 Old Liverpool Road
Syracuse, NY 13220

Frazee Sled Dog Club Seminar
July 12th at Frazee Event Center. Speakers include; Lloyd Gilbertson, Stu & Michelle Osthoff, Mark Black, Ed Streeper, John Thompson and a representative from the Ma-mow-we-tak club to promote their circuit.

$50.00 fee gets you admission, two free meals and multiple drawings. Free camping at the Streeper Ranch. Call 218 573-3993 or email Eddy at streeper@eot.com for more info.

Mackinaw Mush presents Buddy Streeper
Meet the 2003 ISDRA Unlimited Class Gold Medalist and 2003 Team & Trail Musher of the Year on Sunday, August 24, 2003. Buddy will be sharing his season and secrets at Audies Restaurant, Mackinaw City, Michigan. Reservations are required and seating is limited. Seminar cost is $25.00. Seminar plus Lunch is $35.00. Make checks payable to Mackinaw Mush and mail to P.O. Box 493, Mackinaw City, MI 49701. Tel. 231-436-6874. Email mackinawmush@yahoo.com

Iron Dog 2003
The made for TV film Iron Dog 2003 will begin airing in COMCAST/AT&T cable markets beginning on May 10 and May 17. Check your local listings for times on ESPN2 or Outdoor Channel. Set at the 2003 Iron Dog Challenge in Ouray, Colorado, the film is a superb documentary on sprint sled dog racing, with extensive interviews with this years gold medalist John Perry and others. It frames the sport in a most favorable light. There is also a section on adaptive racing, where a paraplegic man races a 6-dog team and finishes well. The film will be shown at the Cleveland Annual ISDRA Meeting June 20-22, and available for purchase for $9.95 VHS or $14.95 on DVD plus $2.50 S&H. Contact Brian Kolowich - WinterTrax - at bkolo@netbeam.net, or at (970) 626-5406 x118

Interim At Large Directors Election Results
The results of the Interim At Large Directors Elections are as follows: Rob Downey, Heather Cox, Rainer Wischinski, Mark Broughton, Ted Roeder

The five At Large Directors will be seated at the annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio June 20-22nd, 2003 and serve until 2006 in accordance with the current 4 year term for directors. A Regional Directors election will be held in 2004, thus synchronizing the terms and elections into an every even-numbered year cycle.

A big thank you to all the candidates for your willingess to serve ISDRA in this capacity.

Dave Steele

Ouray Colorado Event to be televised.
The ISDRA sanctioned Iron Dog Challenge held January 11th & 12th, 2003 was filmed for rebroadcast in major markets by AT&T Media Services of Denver. Look for listings beginning in mid-February on ESPN2 and the Outdoor Channel.

See the full press release for the Iron Dog Challenge in the News Releases section.

The Domestication of Social Cognition in Dogs
Brian Hare,Michelle Brown,Christina Williamson, Michael Tomasello from Science Magazine Full Article

Dogs are more skillful than great apes at a number of tasks in which they must read human communicative signals indicating the location of hidden food. In this study, we found that wolves who were raised by humans do not show these same skills, whereas domestic dog puppies only a few weeks old, even those that have had little human contact, do show these skills. These findings suggest that during the process of domestication, dogs have been selected for a set of social-cognitive abilities that enable them to communicate with humans in unique ways.

Race Date and Format Change for Mt.Shasta-McCloud,
Due to a venue change, and larger than expected entries in the long-distance race, The Mt. Shasta-McCloud Race for Search and Rescue will have the ISDRA sanctioned, 135-mile continuous class ONLY this year. Additionally, the race date has changed from the holiday weekend of February 15th and 16th, 2003 to February 22nd and 23rd, 2003. Mid-distance and Speed class participants from the California area who were going to compete in the Mt. Shata-McCloud race, are therefore encouraged by race organizers to attend the ISDRA sanctioned, SNDD Lake Davis race, which is also planned for the third weekend in February. For further updates on the race and entry forms, check out the race website at :www.shatamccloudsleddograce.com or call race organizer Eileen Burke-Trent at (530) 846-4444

New ISDRA web site
Welcome to the new ISDRA web site!
We have completely overhauled isdra.org and added many new features that we hope will be of interest to the mushing community.
Be sure and check out the new tools in the enhanced race results that allow you to instantly compare your elapsed times AND speeds to any other competitor in your class.
The all-new Community Center features daily picks of member Profiles, web sites, links, quotes as well as classified ads, a mushers forum and a special topics poll.
Browse the new 0n-line merchandise area for the new ISDRA patch. Check back often as we will be adding new merchandise.
Events can now renew sanctioning on-line - all you need is your ISDRA number and PIN number to retrieve your previously submitted application.


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