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    Welcome to the International Sled Dog Racing Association.

Mission statement
The International Sled Dog Racing Association ( ISDRA ) was formed in 1966 as the central governing body of sled dog competitions.  ISDRA’s historical objectives have been to promote public interest in the sport, encourage cooperation between race organizations, create and maintain standardized race management procedures, promote the highest standards of animal welfare for canine athletes and aid in sponsor relations for ISDRA members and ISDRA sanctioned events.

  ISDRA focuses on providing products and services to the sled dog community worldwide.  ISDRA is comprised of 13 geographical regions, two ( 2 ) national federations, many Regional Clubs and over 750 individual members worldwide.

  ISDRA sanctions 50 to 60 sled dog events each racing season.  Events are comprised of multiple individual race classes with varying team size and distant requirements.  Skijoring and weight pulling competitions are also eligible for ISDRA sanctioning.

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