Adult Sled 6_Dog Speed  04-05   Based on completed competitions. back
Event NameMilesEntriesPursePoints
Limited North American Championships19.533$3,150.00276.53
Kinross Classic Sled Dog Race11.444$585.00248.81
Bell IdidaRace12.023$1,666.67199.36
Northeast Championship - Jackman, ME21.618$1,120.00173.23
8th Colorado Blue IdidaRace12.020$2,000.00170.49
Haliburton Highlands Dogsled Derby11.224$3,700.00168.67
Grand County Sled Dog Classic12.025$1,800.00163.61
Lone Cone #1 - Comes to Kremmling12.016$463.00160.83
Alberta International Sled Dog Classic11.019$3,950.00156.83
Tok Race of Champions12.239$3,000.00152.72
Yvan Gingras Sled Dog Race12.017$1,333.33147.65
Kinross Two Sled Dog Race11.434$1,170.00121.61
10th Annual Wilderness Classic15.017$3,520.00117.12
The Lakes Region Championship12.017$1,725.00100.00
North Pole Winter Carnival Weekend #213.418$600.0095.96