Adult Sled 8_Dog Speed  04-05   Based on completed competitions. back
Event NameMilesEntriesPursePoints
Limited North American Championships33.318$4,350.00361.40
Bell IdidaRace16.014$2,222.22309.30
Alberta International Sled Dog Classic18.415$6,550.00267.84
Kinross Classic Sled Dog Race18.017$525.00251.07
Tok Race of Champions16.029$3,000.00249.79
Yvan Gingras Sled Dog Race14.413$1,777.78239.71
8th Colorado Blue IdidaRace16.011$2,200.00202.27
Haliburton Highlands Dogsled Derby13.017$4,600.00160.43
Kinross Two Sled Dog Race17.86$1,050.00138.80
Grand County Sled Dog Classic15.67$1,000.00124.34
Lone Cone #1 - Comes to Kremmling14.05$426.00115.68
11th Annual Tug Hill Challenge19.69$960.00111.33
Mill River International Sled Dog Race16.010$2,000.0096.60
Eden Mountain Sled Dog Race15.07$480.0085.39
Hill Village New Hampshire Sled Dog Race15.47$480.0084.94