Junior Sled 3_Dog Speed  04-05   Based on completed competitions. back
Event NameMilesEntriesPursePoints
Jackman Too!10.011$0.00216.00
11th Annual Tug Hill Challenge4.614$0.00200.88
Northeast Championship - Jackman, ME10.07$0.00183.60
Mushers Bowl - Fryeburg10.07$0.00183.59
Eden Mountain Sled Dog Race8.48$0.00177.12
Kinross Classic Sled Dog Race6.29$0.00164.16
Maine Highlands Challenge - Maine State Championship8.07$0.00162.00
Jackman ME Sprint Race # 19.65$0.00157.68
Hill Village New Hampshire Sled Dog Race9.25$0.00153.36
Mackinaw Mush4.010$0.00151.20
Farmington Sled Dog Race8.05$0.00140.40
Kinross Two Sled Dog Race6.25$0.00120.96
Bell IdidaRace9.02$0.00118.80
The Lakes Region Championship2.07$0.00109.48
The Lakes Region Championship2.07$0.00109.48