Adult Sled 8_Dog Speed  06-07   Based on completed competitions. back
Event NameMilesEntriesPursePoints
TimberTown Sprints24.614$2,800.00313.18
Genes Chrysler Limited North American Championships33.315$4,100.00279.00
Course Internationale Lanaudiere (International Race)16.830$3,125.00232.92
Tok Race of Champions16.027$2,500.00201.29
Kinross Classic Sled Dog Race17.817$700.00185.48
Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ16.08$3,555.56185.22
Two Hearted River Sled Dog Race No 117.811$480.00119.24
Haliburton Highlands Dogsled Derby12.015$3,500.00107.81
Lone Cone Conquest #516.47$1,750.0088.51
Hill Village New Hampshire Sled Dog Race16.08$480.0085.25
Grand County Sled Dog Classic16.08$540.0081.85
Lone Cone Conquest #616.44$1,200.0071.88
Burke Mountain Sled Dog Race16.46$1,200.0070.63
Rocky Mountain High Sled Dog Sprints16.06$378.0065.21
Eden Mountain Sled Dog Race15.66$480.0060.98