Adult Sled 8_Dog Speed  08-09   Based on completed competitions. back
Event NameMilesEntriesPursePoints
Genes Chrysler Limited North American Championships33.314$4,100.00325.17
Willow Championship18.012$2,375.00184.34
Inlet Sled Dog Race16.813$2,520.00169.94
Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ - W.Ch. Qualifier18.412$3,200.00145.42
Tok Race of Champions8.022$3,000.00125.10
Tamworth Sled Dog Race15.014$750.00113.42
Purity Spring Sled Dog Classic16.411$750.0099.16
Hill Village New Hampshire Sled Dog Race16.07$500.0096.45
Kinross Two Sled Dog Race17.86$0.0095.59
Mackinaw Mush14.28$700.0089.99
Kalkaska Winterfest17.04$1,200.0084.56
Mount Massive Mush17.04$570.0067.74
Luce County Airport Sled Dog Race13.08$315.0067.49
Rocky Mountain High Sled Dog Sprints16.07$540.0066.15
Haliburton Highlands Dogsled Derby12.07$3,500.0060.83