Adult Skijoring 2_Dog Speed  13-14   Based on completed competitions. back
Event NameMilesEntriesPursePoints
Kalkaska Winterfest14.48$600.00211.40
Three Bear Winter Race9.07$0.00114.73
Merrill Winterfest Sled Dog Race8.46$150.00112.52
Langlade County Trailblazers Challenge7.06$150.00109.50
Willow Springs Round Barn Rally8.05$150.0096.81
Annamaet Pet Foods Limited North American Championships15.84$441.0096.13
Chow Down Pet Supplies 8th Annual Grand Mesa Summit Challenge12.65$419.0092.91
Pigeon Lake Sleddog Race8.08$1,000.0085.38
Grand Park Dog Days of Winter12.06$481.0079.12
Stearns Siding Sled Dog Race8.44$0.0078.38
Cariboo Challenge Sled Dog Race9.46$1,000.0073.87
Annamaet Gold Run12.43$75.0067.50
Montana Creek Championship8.03$270.0060.10
Su-Valley Championships12.03$513.0052.84
The Boundary Dog Sled Classics8.03$1,000.0049.46