Adult Sled 6_Dog Speed  13-14   Based on completed competitions. back
Event NameMilesEntriesPursePoints
Kalkaska Winterfest19.822$3,650.00171.28
Laconia NH World Championship Sled Dog Derby18.016$3,825.00149.20
Tok Race of Champions12.224$0.00119.74
Mt. McKinley Bank North Pole Championships13.216$4,000.00113.10
Annamaet Pet Foods Limited North American Championships20.58$1,400.00110.43
ExxonMobil Sled Dog Race16.012$3,960.00107.28
Daaquam River International Championship 201412.032$1,729.56103.75
Three Bear Winter Race12.013$1,430.0078.77
Stearns Siding Sled Dog Race12.422$360.0078.05
Cariboo Challenge Sled Dog Race12.015$3,600.0072.09
Pigeon Lake Sleddog Race12.014$2,500.0070.82
Langlade County Trailblazers Challenge11.010$1,000.0064.75
Su-Valley Championships16.06$1,538.0061.86
The Boundary Dog Sled Classics12.04$2,500.0060.04
Willow Springs Round Barn Rally10.216$875.0059.88