Adult Sled 6_Dog Speed  14-15   Based on completed competitions. back
Event NameMilesEntriesPursePoints
Annamaet Pet Foods Limited North American Championships20.510$3,750.00159.23
Three Bear Winter Race - Midwest American Championships18.012$1,725.00151.52
Laconia NH World Championship Sled Dog Derby18.011$3,135.00133.34
Kalkaska Winterfest13.218$1,650.00132.09
Mt. McKinley Bank North Pole Championships13.211$4,500.00111.81
Tok Race of Champions12.019$3,000.00109.27
Langlade County Culvers Challenge12.412$875.0088.87
Stearns Siding Sled Dog Race12.48$240.0071.79
Tug Hill Challenge10.98$315.0066.22
Cherry Raceways Ice Dog Sled Dog Race12.49$336.0065.05
Su-Valley Championships16.05$1,077.0061.67
South Central Challenge (OTAR)16.06$409.0059.10
Willow Springs Round Barn Rally10.011$875.0057.09
Guild Mortgage Company 9th Annual Grand Mesa Summit Challenge12.68$857.0056.07
Grand Park Dog Days of Winter12.68$571.0052.53