Adult Sled 6_Dog Speed  15-16   Based on completed competitions. back
Event NameMilesEntriesPursePoints
Annamaet Pet Foods Limited North American Championships20.513$3,750.00162.43
Kalkaska Winterfest13.219$1,600.00143.05
Three Bears Sled Dog Race13.018$1,212.00117.81
Tok Race of Champions12.017$3,500.00109.94
Mt. McKinley Bank North Pole Championships13.27$5,500.0099.55
Merrill Winterfest Sled Dog Race12.213$712.0092.71
Midnight Sun Gold Run16.27$2,500.0082.20
ASDRA Championships (frmrly Exx. Mo.)16.012$1,320.0080.26
Eagle River Classic16.09$1,300.0079.99
Tug Hill Challenge12.86$466.0063.84
Montana Creek Championship16.010$162.0059.63
Su-Valley Championships16.07$900.0059.42
Pagosa Paw12.811$575.0056.04
Guild Mortgage Company 10th Annual Grand Mesa Summit Challenge12.69$737.0054.75
Grand Park Dog Days of Winter12.68$254.0047.82